What's new in Lilash Reviews 2011

Hi all!  It's almost half way into the new year and I have got some news for you!  I've done a search for any new experiences wth Lilash and here are my results.  Comparing Lilash with Latisse: While both work in the same amount of time, people tend to favor Lilash for several reasons.  One of which is the price, Lilash is about half as expensive on a per month basis compared to Latisse.  Another big factor is that Latisse is very difficult to get a hold of and it is not covered by many prescription insurance plans.  Also people like the applicator style of Lilash more than the individual ampules of Latisse.  Many women stated that they feel the packaging of Latisse is wasteful and very awkward to use.  Also I have noticed that eyelash growth products are becoming more and more popular in Asian territories such as China and Hong Kong.  This can only mean good things for brands such as Lilash which are easily available online and ship worldwide.  I will try to find some more reviews as well as pictures though good review pictures are difficult to find because it really is difficult to capture minute changes in eyelash length unless you are a professional photographer.

LiLash Reviews-- Are They Real?

Right chicas, so I was searching around online for several lash treatments and I came across many ratings for this conditioner called LiLash.  Does someone have any or negative results with it?  Lots of people have good things to say about it and the customer LiLash reviews are astounding.
I'm hoping that this actually does work seeing that I have really sparse fragile eyelashes.  I've researched other eyelash treatments and the comments don't appear to be as good as the LiLash comments.  I'm patient and willing to wait two months for longer eyelashes, just as long as LiLash really does what it claims.
The LiLash reviews seemed very real and there’s likewise current LiLash discounts for free shipping.   I'm going to purchase this as soon as I get home again. There is a money back guarantee and a refund policy so I’m not too concerned, but I’m just wondering what other people have to say about this eyelash growth treatment.

School and Boring Stuff

      You might be asking yourself, then again you might not, what kind of classes does biology major take?  This semester I’m taking six classes. That’s right, six of them. Oh, I’m not as crazy as you think two of the six are labs and one is a one credit course designed to … well, I’m not quite sure what it’s designed to do because I haven’t been yet.   Statistics  – (3 Credits) yes, math is important for biology majors. We have to have Algebra (so we can get through calculus), calculus (so we can brag about the fact that it didn’t kill us) and statistics (so we can give people random numbers and say that they actually mean something). I already have algebra, the college version, under my belt and calculus scares the crap out of me so this semester, it’s statistics. (Something is definitely wrong when you see a statistics class as the lesser of two evils.)   General Chemistry 2- (4 Credits – that means 4 days a week!!! Ack, gak!) Here’s some food for thought. At many universities you cannot get major in biology without getting a minor in chemistry. That’s two years of chemistry. One year of Gen Chem one year of Organic Chem. Talk about abuse! I already have my first semester of Gen Chem under my belt. I took it over the summer. If you’re ever looking for a creative way to commit suicide, take Gen Chem I over a six-week summer session. It almost killed me. Fact is, by week 5, I wanted to die. It’s over now and I’m looking at Gen Chem II with new perspective. Hell, if I can cram the first half of that class into my head over a six week period, it should be no problem to get in the second half over a regular semester. I’ll do fine. I have to do fine. If I don’t do fine I’ll end up having to buy a new chemistry book because this is the last semester that the edition of the book I have will be in use. That sucker was expensive! No way do I want to pay for it twice!   General Chemistry II Lab  - (1 wimpy little credit for more time than I’ll spend studying for statistics) Science is useless unless they get to abuse you and test your time management skills in the lab.   Zoology  – (3 Credits) What’s a bio major without some biology classes? A chemistry major! Ba dum dum! Zoology: The study of animals. This is the class where we have to memorize the classification of every animal on the planet. I’m almost joking. We don’t have to memorize classes for protozoa but everything else, yea. Do you realize that an overwhelming majority of the animals on this planet don’t have a spine? Reminds me of a lot of people I know … I digress. An interesting twist to this story is that I already had a year of “Biology for Majors.” But it didn’t transfer. Well, I get the credits for it but it doesn’t count towards my program. So when I graduate, I’ll have a lot of extra “general education” credits. So what! Oh well, I’ve already taken Botany and that wasn’t near as painful as it sounds (and now I get to wear an “ask me about fertilizer and plant sex” button) and as soon as I get through “Zo” I’ll be set and ready to take the stuff I really want to take.   Zoology Lab  – (2 credits) I’m excited about this one. We get to cut up dead things! Twice a week! Hooraa!   Career Planning for Biology Majors  – (1 credit) It’s a good thing someone is thinking about my career because right now all I can think is “how the hell am I going to get through calculus.” This is the class I haven’t been to yet. Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m not skipping classes. The first one doesn’t happen until Thursday. It’s my only class on Thursday. I’m thinking the university did this on purpose so that I wouldn’t have a 4 day week. No! I’m there 5 days a week because of one stinking one-credit class. Whatever.  So that’s my life until December. It should be fun!

First Post

      A new blog.  What a name blog.  Say it a few times fast blog, blog, blog.  What's that all about anyway?  This is my bran new blog.  I've tried online journaling before but it never really worked well.  Dunno why.  I'll give  this blog thing a go and see if it works any better.  I created this blog because I thought it might be fun to outline some of my experiences.  You see, I'm going to be 39 soon and I'm a college student.  I'm working towards an undergrad degree in Biology.  What fun it is!  I'm single, I have a dog and I have a few off the wall hobbies.  This could get interesting.  So here I am on the second day of the first semester of my "junior" year.  I put junior in quotes because, well, I'm not sure how they figure that.  I'm in an odd spot.  I already had an A.A. degree so most of my core classes are taken care of.  It's all math and science from here on out and it might take me another three years to finish, but I'm determined to finish.  Wish me luck!